A Dog and Her Girl

This is a blog about finding my own path and re-discovering my connection with Mother Nature.  It’s about adventure, feminism,  and my own transpersonal musings.  It’s about shining my light.  And of course,  it’s about the unconditional love between a dog and her girl.

Admittedly, and as you can probably already tell, I am not the world’s best writer.  While adventure and self-discovery will be at the forefront of my writing, you probably have not just stumbled upon the next great female adventure writer (plus, Pacer and I have kept our thru-hike to 500 miles rather than 2,000+ miles). I can not elegantly string words together as Cheryl Stayed did as she took us through her Pacific Crest Trail journey in Wild, nor can I tell a “can’t put the book down” story like Jennifer Phar Davis in Becoming Odyessa,  What I can do is talk from the heart.  I’m not afraid (okay, maybe just a little) to reveal the dark cobwebs of my mind, to talk about depression, eating disorders, failed love, or untamed dreams.  While I do like to write pieces that are uplifting in some manner, they aren’t always pretty.  In the end, I try to write what is raw, what is human.  The imperfect.

In that imperfect, my imperfect, and my dog’s imperfect, is the greatest love and bond that I have ever known.  I believe that it is the beauty we find in the imperfect is the most beautiful of all.  And when we except all that, that is when we can truly shine our light and let our love spring forth from the depths of our soul.

And so, Pacer has tamed my wayward soul, though together our hearts run free.