A New Chapter (Blog)

Yesterday, I was sitting with a friend at an Outlaw Yoga class, ready to get into my first downward dog of the day but patiently awaiting as Mark, our large, bearded, motorcycle riding instructor delivered his inspirational message of the day.

His message was about leaving what we no longer needed behind, turning the page, picking up the pen, and writing our next chapter.  I smiled, knowing that my plan for that afternoon was to work on this blog.

As Mark spoke, I also realized that my own turning of the page had taken nearly one, beautifully devastating year.  Essentially, I had been on a journey to re-define myself, never losing the core of who I am, but changing the outward expression of my being.

Letting go was hard.  There were tears and prayers to the heavens.  Most of all, there were many long hikes with Pacer.

Then I got the idea for this blog.  I felt my energy excite with this new creative pursuit.  There was just one hitch; I knew I’d have to give up my blog since undergrad, Valley Girl Adventures.  Over the years, I had put a lot of myself into that blog.  It chronicled my running adventures, several 100 mile races, performance tips, and book lists.  But in the last year my posts had been changing, growing more intimate and thoughtful and less about the lesson I learned while running. Alas, it sunk in that I was no longer that young twenty-something girl running 20 miles on weekend like it was nothing, winning races, or even competing as all.   I didn’t want to let go of her.

In actuality, I know that she is still part of me.  Because of the foundation she has created, I am able to turn the page and begin this next chapter.  With the lessons she learned on the trail, I can now look past the running, the extreme, and get to the heart of the matter. Of course, the wilderness and trail will always be a large topic of my writing.  Mother Nature will always be guiding me with every step.  She is no longer separate from me, but with in me.

I wonder what adventures this new chapter will bring?

Smiles and Light,

Ray & Pacer ❤


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