The Broken Parts: An Ode to Gestalt

The Broken Parts

Dear Beautiful,

Can you love me wholly, for all my parts?
The parts that you thought were bad, ugly, and broken?
The parts that were never bad, ugly, or broken at all,
but really the most beautiful parts of you?

These are the parts that are the most painful…
but they are part of you and they are gorgeous.
You are gorgeous.

If you love these parts
they may open themselves back to you.
Now they are a bit timid

They are scared to enter the light for fear they will only be shut out again.

Be patient.
Be willing.

Now you are scared of losing your freedom.

When you used to run
it was as if your soul was breaking out of you.
Those broken parts of you,
the parts you hid away,
could finally inhale the world.
In the breath of Mother Nature,
they too could breathe in your untamed stride.

don’t you see?
That freedom you felt running
came from inside of you.
It is and will always be inside of you.

Whether healing can be physical is still an unknown.
The healing of your soul is always available to you,
my dear Love,
if you accept the broken parts of you.

“If you love me,
if you accept me”,
they scream
“we can become Whole”.


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