Love Letters to Mother Nature: # 4

Dear Mother Nature,


Again you change, switching from a cover of white to dawning* a rainbow of colors.

In the past, spring simply meant the coming of summer, my favorite season.

But now…

But now I appreciate spring on its own, for the beauty, aliveness, and the scents.  Oh, the scents!  Especially the petrichor, the smell of the Earth after it rains*.  Mother Nature,  your perfume swoons me to another world.

I rejoice at spring’s first flower, bursting with color from the moist, snow-melt earth.  Daily, new colors spring forth with shades so exotic I don’t even have names for them.

And the green, oh the green!  The electrifying hues of just-born plants pushing through the soil, made only more stunning with the darker shades of Evergreens around us.

I too feel like I am being reborn.  Blossoming like a wildflower, reaching for the sun.  Fresh and new, I enter the world, ready for a new cycle of life, a fresh start.

Mother Nature, I am open to your love that nurtures and heals my soul.  I am ready to re-awaken.

Love Your Daughter,



*Intentional play on words.

*Thanks to my friend Morgan for teaching me this word!

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