The Birth

In Mother Nature’s birth canal

I find myself once again.

Small, vulnerable, naked.

Needing to be nurtured.

Her waters rock me gently,

to the lullaby of the land.

Soon, I will be reborn.

I am waiting.

This may be the hardest part.

Awaiting to be.

I can tell that I am full of promise.

That with me I carry the wind, water, fire, and earth.

I will be a healer among the people.

To the elements I give myself.

I think I almost ready.

Once more, I inhale the sacredness and comfort or my surroundings.

Then the wind picks up.

It is time.

I am being pushed out.

To the opening of the canyon, into the world.

I am ready.

I carry with me the love and strength of my Mother.

She will never leave me.

Together, we will heal the Earth.

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