Love Letters: Estes Park/RMNP

Dear Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park,

Despite your mountains’ jagged peaks looming in the background, you didn’t have me at first.

Perhaps because my dog wasn’t allowed in the Park, though now I appreciated the rule as I prefer my dog keeps her distance from moose, bears, elk, and other animals that wander through your forest.

Yes, we had to work for our relationship a bit, perhaps that made it stronger.

Your rocky paths offer little forgiveness, but with you as the ever patient teacher, I’ve begun to learn the dance steps.

It’s with mostly joy, and just a little blood, that I’ve gotten to know your summits and deep blue lakes.

Today I am taking it slow.  With a boulder as my chair and a creek as my soundtrack.

Simultaneously, a few drops of rain hit my bare arms as the sun kisses my face.

A humming bird offers a quick hello.

We are both dichotomies, aren’t we? Gentle creeks and stormy peaks.

Without the other, we wouldn’t be whole.

Again, RMNP, wise teacher, thank you for the lessons.

Until next time.





(Botton photo taken by Terry Kruse)


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