Reflections (Narcissist)

Take, take, take

While I give, give, give

I can’t keep up

Nor can I please

So I cry down mountains

I plead through canyons

Places that were once Heaven

Darkened because of you

Or because of me?

I can never tell

I look back at journal entries

My words do not lie

So why do I question?

I cry more than I laugh

I take what is and is not served

I know what Im doing I say

Your expenses paid by a graduate students credit card

A forgotten Happy Birthday

But it’s okay I say

Until its not

The glass I shattered

Symbolic of more

Your words are the shards cutting my soul

I thought I was strong

My body turns to a shield

You will not hurt Her

I know your  hands will not touch me

But you don’t need them to scare

So we run into the night

Into the moon

A reflection of the light.

opus 4

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