I Worship with the Trees

I worship with the trees

Everyday, we whisper our praises to the wind

So our prayers of peace may spread

No four walls can contain the magnitude of our love


To whom do we worship?

Not a whom or a what

For the too trained mind, we fear you may not see


I worship with the trees

We stand tall with our roots, connections to our tribe

We give glory to the birds, nesting in our branches, whose wings grant us higher perspective


I worship with the owls

Together we hoot and holler as we

Welcome another starry night

As the deer nest in the fallen leaves below us


I worship with the stars

We shine bright as we look down at the lovers staring back up at us

We send our light to them, so filled with hope, despite the surrounding darkness

We, the beacons that will allow us all to find our way home


I worship with the mountains, strong and steadfast

We welcome each season, rejoicing in the hot summer sun, 

The changing leaves of fall.

The blanket snow of winter, 

The sweet rains of Spring. 


I worship with the rivers, the rivers that carry our tears away

We shout with joy as our grief turns into mighty waters of something more

We watch with wonder as our tears give reason for the wildflowers to grow


I worship with the wildflowers

We turn our faces to the sun, soaking in its warmth

We grow as hues deepen, and celebrate the insects who feed from our sugars


I worship with the dogs

We run wild and free on trails that run high and deep

We renew our faith with cool sips of snowmelt


I worship with the Sky

We part the clouds and with the show of our rays we praise all that lives below

Could we love more? 

Mother Earth in all Her beauty…


I worship with the Earth

We stare up at the endless Father Sky, where possibility hides

We rejoice and cry with our children wandering our plains and valleys


I worship with the humans

We laugh and celebrate at the kinship, the strength, a simple touch can bring

We share our secrets, our fears, our ideas, our dreams, our love


I worship with the trees

The angels of the Earth

If a tree is near, never can we say we are alone

And so we deepen our roots, raise our branches

Touching the ground below and the sky above

All worlds, all beings, as one


I worship with the trees.





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