Be Undefinable.


Be Yourself.

And you will always be enough.


Don’t let them put you in a box.

If you choose a label, remember

it may describe a part of you, but it will not define all of you.


And still, hold that label loosely.

Allow yourself to change and grow.


Only take direction from the wind.

Spread your wings.




I’d rather be too much for someone else than not enough for myself

.Over the years, I’ve discovered the only way for me not to be enough is to not stand up for what I believe in, to not use my voice, and to ignore the quirky, goofy, and brave light inside of me. And yes, often that leads me to being too much for others, which seems to be even more true for men (it always great when I have my opinions, until it is in opposition to his). I’m am 100% fine with that, because I am a “fucking ray of sunshine.”

Photo credit: Peter Maksimow

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