Ceremony & Ritual

We all grieve, remember, celebrate–and communicate (with the Earth and deceased loved ones) in our own ways. All ways are beautiful.

My belief is that my older sister is all around me, so I prefer to leave offerings to the earth, where flowers can decompose and grow into something new. I chat with her on benches. Imagine her rolling her eyes at me as I once again suddenly stop in the middle of a trail run. shocked by beauty and loss. I sing to “Hey Soul Sister” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling” in the car.

Ceremonies and rituals can mark any event or transition in life.

We can let go by watching leaves and twigs float down rivers. Bury hurts, wounds, and love in the dirt. Remember by the light of a candle. Clear our spirit with incense. Rinse our regrets in raindrops. It doesn’t have to be elaborate unless you want it to be. Truly, the how is not as important as the intention that you hold.

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