Stars & Roots 

Sometimes I feel young, fresh from the ground. 

Other times I feel old as a star.

Not tired and waning.

Wise and vibrant. 

All that I’ve seen
Lies deep in my bones. 
Like roots of a redwood.
Underneath new skin, a fresh layer of bark. 

I am old and young.
Ancient and new.

Stardust at my core.


It hurt again
I didn’t know what to do
So I went the moon
To borrow some light
Until I can find my own
Once again 
I’ll find my way
Out of the dark.


He said it felt like home.

I wanted to beg “take me back there.”

But my words got lost in the wind.

He would never be able to follow my trail of tears.

His path would never lead to my front door.

So instead I mailed my love

To a future that would never be mine.

(Still, I can’t let go of the glimmer of moonlight coming through the window)

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