The sunflowers rise up, 
allowing us to ease into our goodbye.
Just as gently, magically the sunflowers pass on their shine to the aspen trees. 

A parting gift of gratitude for the long summer days.

We harvest the light by soaking in the beauty, dancing under the falling golden leaves.

With our internal flames now brighter, we are guided through the dark days ahead. 

A brief reminder: should you lose your flame, there are always others willing to share their light.

Its truly amazing how being kind to someone makes such a huge difference.

Anytime I’m simply kind to a cashier, the human being on the other end of the phone, etc., I get so much kindness back in return. Often, a sincere and enthusiastic “Have a great day!”, which feels like a “sunshine coin” added to my internal joy piggy bank.

Lessons from Pacer:

Supergirl may be scared of thunder, but she’s still brave… and maybe a little wiser than us humans.

Brave and scared aren’t opposites… bravery entails feeling scared and facing those fears…sometimes with help. Its okay to ask for comfort when feeling scared. Its doesn’t mean your not tough, it means your brave and wise for not resisting a natural response to connection and love.

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