The Introvert’s Anxiety

*I realize not all introverts have this anxiety.

I was texting with a friend and mentioned my fear about being living so close to my 3 yurt neighbors. Will I have to socialize? If so, how often? Will it be awkward? Will my peace be disturbed? (Yikes!)

He texts me back “What are you afraid of? People love you.” and proceeded to list off examples.

Feeling misunderstood and slightly annoyed, I decided it was a good time to end the conversation.

Then, like always, I thought more about what he said to me and considered his examples, as well as other memories being in a group. Being honest with myself, in the midst of a few memories of feeling totally out of place at a business function (in my past life) or in a group of runners, I had to admit; people generally seem to like me. I might be social awkward, and I might have a challenging time being part of a group, but people either don’t notice or don’t care about the things I say or do that are slightly “off”. Those things that I’ll generally replay on repeat in my mind later on. Other times, when people look at me, I debate with myself if they’re looking at me because they find me intriguing…or just odd. Another possibility… maybe it’s my perception of myself and others that is a little off. Maybe I’m not that awkward…or maybe we’re all a little weird.

This new thought, that people generally liked me as a person, was confirmed when I met and chatted with my new yurt neighbors the following week.

Where my fear came from, I’m not 100% sure, but I think it might be time to start changing it.

*Another note on fear… a lot of it is based in the future and ends up not being real. The only thing that I was asked if I wanted to do was go in the sauna after we learned how to turn it on, which I politely declined. Otherwise, I think most of us yurt folk are early to bed and like to keep warm at night in our own tiny abode.

One Reply to “The Introvert’s Anxiety”

  1. i live in an apartment complex and i don’t want to get to know my neighbours. besides a passing smile, wave, or hello – i don’t believe any further conversation is necessary. on the other hand when i’m at the office, i can be the brightest social butterfly!

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