Winter’s Invitation

Some say
that winter’s days are
too short,
too dark.

I say,
they are perfect harmony,
for what my body and soul

Enough time to wander,
to play
in the Light.

To greet the morning deer,
and howl with the coyotes welcoming night.

Enough time to rest,
to read,
to contemplate and write.

To whisper and twinkle with the stars
and praise the moonlight.
Remark in the contrast,
the highlight of the white snow,
against the navy sky.

Winter invites me in.
My soul, grateful for the reflection.
I bury myself in books and imagination while
the rabbits burrow in their holes.

I feel alive in the sharp
chill of the air
and in the comfort of
the fire.

Winter both calls me under the covers
and to the window,
to be a witness to the beauty of stillness,
as Mother Earth rests under her own blanket,
a gift from Father Sky.

Pacer, the blur shown, was one very excited puppy to be running in the moonlit snow.

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