October Snow

“You’re too early.”  “I’m not ready for you yet.”

My forsaken words.

And instead of slowing down, we go too fast.  Crash.

But what if we, what if I, appreciated you for what you are, despite or inspire of context.

If I were present.  If I slowed down…

Maybe I’d see your beauty.

Watch as the big, wet snowflakes fall to the Earth.

Noticed how your brilliant blanket of white highlights and contrasts with the yellow Aspen leaves.

Maybe I would be like my dog and find joy as my steps were created with soft pillows.

To be still with stored energy, like the deer that ran past as we stepped outside for a walk.

If I allowed you to just be, like the elk feeding on the side of the road.  Letting the snow fall and the cars pass.  Maybe, October Snow, I’d see you as a gift, with the surprise and wonder of a child receiving an early Christmas present.

A present.  Be present.  Be.



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