Love Letters: Crested Butte

Dear Crested Butte,

My friends said I’d like you.

Probably because you’re a little less of a show-off then the other ski resort towns.

Still, it took me awhile to get to you.

But the moment we met was perfect.

You shined, as if a halo was surrounding the town.

The next day, as I rand down Teocalli Ridge, you showered me with golden leaves.


And everywhere we went, cows!

Yes, it is true, happy cows roam free, high up into the valleys.

Yes, that means more piercing dog barks in my ear, but I’ll take it knowing more beings can roam wild and free.

This letter is just the first, for we have only just met.

But I’ll be back.  To wander around more of you wondrous trails and passes.

Until next time.



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