What makes a “Best Day Ever”?

It can be a lot of things.  

And you can have several.  Many actually.

A lot of my best day evers happen to be in the mountains, usually with Pacer and Sandi. (First picture, Sandi, Pacer, and I on Handies Peak during Pacer’s Big Day.)Sometimes it’s just spending quality time with family and friends.  Both make my soul feel brighter and my heart want to explode.  

Every time I say “Best Day Ever” now, I remember Amanda saying it, literally on her deathbed, when we had an indoors picnic with my little cousins. (Second picture.)  On that day we all cried.  But there was SO MUCH LOVE.

I’m still discovering the wisdom of her words in that moment.  I think somewhere in there is taking for granted the little, amazing things life has to offer.  And that most of us don’t (allow ourselves to) have nearly enough “Best Day Ever(s)”.

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