A Wanderer is…

A wanderer is brave.

A wanderer is willing to face death in order to be reborn.
A wanderer respects the power of her emotions.
A wanderer accepts her pain.
A wanderer honors her healing.

Sometimes, a wanderer stands still.

A wanderer chooses the path of joy, knowing it will require great suffering.
A wanderer enjoys good company, but loves her own the most.
A wanderer knows how to befriend her fear.
A wanderer’s path is a spiritual path.
A wanderers best compass is her own values and her heart.
A wanderer both awaits and creates.

A wanderer willingly steps into the unknown,
but is rarely lost.
[If she is, it is only for a moment,
for she is guided by her dog. ]
A wanderer stays true to herself in the face of doubt.
A wanderer is led by her intuition,
knowing light will always lead the way.

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